6 Financial Aspects You Need to Take care After You Start Working

Getting the first job after so many years of education can feel like a relief. You can now buy and do things that you could not dream about doing with your parents’ money. While it is okay to live a little in the first few months after your first job, but eventually you have to…More

Why Do We Overspend??

There are a few areas where I like to spend my money and decorating my home is one of them. Coming home is an expensive affair because I tend to buy a lot of fragrance-oriented things such as reed diffusers, essential oils etc. Last year, we had one reed diffuser set for the sitting area.…More

Is savings degrading our way of life?

Just a few days ago, I was strolling through Instagram and something caught my eyes. I saw my friend enjoying the concert festival. After going through his profile, I was awestruck when I realised that going to the movies, theme parks was a normal affair for him. And, he is someone who used to tell…More