All About ETFs

If you have a demat account and to want to invest in a basket of stocks that you can buy and sell easily, ETFs might be the perfect investment option for you.  More

Seven Things Money Can’t Buy. Or Can It?

I saw this image on one of my contact’s status and I couldn’t help but wonder why is our society obsessed with finding out things that money can’t buy.   As I read the text in the image, I felt that it isn’t right. The comparison isn’t right. No one can buy the things. Because the…More

Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book is a must-read for someone who is new to the world of personal finance and wants to understand the ABCs of money management. More

6 Financial Aspects You Need to Take care After You Start Working

Getting the first job after so many years of education can feel like a relief. You can now buy and do things that you could not dream about doing with your parents’ money. While it is okay to live a little in the first few months after your first job, but eventually you have to…More