Want to have a budget? Try the 50/30/20 rule

You must have seen your parents keeping track of all their purchases and other expenditures in a notebook. And if you have started working recently, managing your money may be harder than cracking the job interview. However, budgeting is essential as you can properly plan your expenses and it will make sure that you are…More

5 Things That My Family Taught Me About Money

Families mean a lot. They are there for us both in good and bad days.  Our family members also play a significant role in making us the kind of person that we are today. I was fortunate enough to grow in a household where the money is not a taboo subject, and we openly discussed…More

Don’t have money? Change these 4 habits

Bad habits are nasty. It takes a lot of patience and will power to get over our bad habits and replace with good habits. We all have our weaknesses. While some people have a sweet tooth, others like to smoke and drink. Although the money we spent on all these things may not look much,…More