Seven Things Money Can’t Buy. Or Can It?

I saw this image on one of my contact’s status and I couldn’t help but wonder why is our society obsessed with finding out things that money can’t buy.  

As I read the text in the image, I felt that it isn’t right. The comparison isn’t right. No one can buy the things. Because the soul of these things is not transactional. It is contextual and the value that will vary from person to person. These aspects of our lives are cultivated, nurtured and worked with utmost dedication. And money helps us to do all of these and more.

1.A happy family

How can money make a family happy? Everyone changes and these changes can be handled effectively with the help of a good family counsellor to mend a marriage or take care of parenting problems. You need money to buy and read good books that will help you understand your loved ones better. If I hadn’t read the book on 5 love languages, I would have never understood that ‘acts of service’ and ‘words of affirmation’ are my dad’s dominant love languages. I guess, he doesn’t know that either. 

When you have money, you can afford to take longer vacations or spend more quality time with your family than think about ways to get the next meal on the table.  

2. True love

How do you meet your true love in the first place? I am single and 28. One thing that experts suggest that I should do is attend seminars and workshops. That was before COVID-19. They say that there is a high probability of meeting someone similar by attending workshops. And I know one thing for sure, that writing workshop, art workshop, terrarium workshop will cost me money. Moreover, to know the person better, I have to meet them several times over coffee, lunch, dinner and book hotel rooms. And that will cost me money. I cry if I spend over 1.5K on dinner and drinks with a new date. 


Sure money can’t buy passion. But having enough money in your bank account can make it easy for you to quit the job that sucks your soul and open that Dhaba that you always wanted.

Or, heck, be a motorcycle blogger/Youtuber. 


Money can’t buy time, but it can surely make time. You can buy a washing machine or hire someone to take care of your chores that will free your time. You can use that time to work on your passion on weekends and weeknights after office hours. If I book an airplane ticket, I can land in my home town in 3 and half hours. Otherwise, I would have to waste 50 hours travelling by train. In this way, I get additional time to spend with my family and visit my granny and cousins.


Knowledge doesn’t come out of nowhere. Knowledge is acquired and then used for the betterment of others. You will need money to attend formal education system, buy courses to develop your skills or get promoted, buy books to widen your view on the world and subscribe to platforms such as Curiosity Stream to watch informative shows. 


I am a little confused with this one. If money can’t buy respect, then why people speak differently to a vegetable vendor, cab driver and supermarket store owner. We don’t know them well, but still many people think it is okay to talk roughly to a vegetable vendor and not a supermarket owner. The important thing is most people don’t realise what they are doing. They believe that this is how this section of the society talks.  

7.Inner peace

Money may not buy inner peace, but we need it to know how to attain inner peace. Here, I am talking about apps, meditation, retreat, counselling, yoga, etc. You may have to spend money to attain inner peace. You can learn freely from YouTube, yes. But what about data, the device, electricity to charge your device? Those things come at a cost.

My motive for writing this is not to bash people who find solace in thinking about all the things that money can’t buy. It is simply to make them aware that we need to see the entire picture and just not in bits and pieces.

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  1. Jugal says:

    Very well written


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